Calendar Girl

New Year means a new start, and I’m determined to stay on task in 2017! I have to admit, I’m not always the most organized person, and to stay ahead of everything on my schedule I really have to spend time planning it all out. One of my favorite ways to do that is calendars! I love the feeling of having all my tasks in front of me on paper so I can figure out how best to tackle them.

Here are a few of my favorite downloadable calendars that I wanted to share with y’all!

Montgomeryfest Minimalist Calendar Free Download

Simple as That Grid Calendar Free Download

Floral Calendar Free Download

Landee’s Banner Calendar Free Download

I always keep one easily accessible for my husband and I to put down things that apply to both of us like weddings, doctors appointments, and when to give our dog his medicine. I also use one for my cleaning schedule (as mentioned in my previous post!) so that my daily planner doesn’t get overwhelmed with every single detail. However, most all my tasks are in my daily planner, which I absolutely cannot live without!

The Rifle Paper Co Planner is the planner I chose for 2017 and I love how simple and clean it is!

Staying organized is no easy task, but writing things down always helps. Doesn’t it feel good to see things checked off a list?

And for those of you who are stressed out by calendars, I completely understand where you’re coming from. If planning becomes stressful and unproductive, there are other ways to get stuff done without driving yourself crazy!

Love hearing from y’all, so if you have fun tips for using planners and calendars or resources that you love, please share! We’ll see how 2017 goes and then maybe 2018 I’ll be organized enough to make a bullet journal (:

From my house to yours,

Mary Allison



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