Helping Texas Flood Victims

Tragedy has fallen on Texas, and it’s hard to watch people suffer while we go on about our lives over here in NC. To know that these people are feeling the same pain cause by disasters like Katrina and the floods that destroyed much of the eastern part of NC not so long ago is heartbreaking. There are so many causes that need help in the world, but all it takes is a little giving from everyone to be able to make a difference.

Here are some of the ways and websites that are helping out the people and animals of the Gulf Coast (click links):

Red Cross

Salvation Army

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Fund through You Caring – JJ Watt

Texas SPCA

Humane Society

There are also many small businesses, shops, makers, and others who are donating all or a portion of their proceeds to different causes that will aid in disaster relief efforts. Check your social media or local shops to find them!

Please consider volunteering your time, home, money, and prayer to help these people survive and recover.  If you have any organizations that you would like me to include, please send them to me and I will continue to update this post.